What is Couples Intensive Marathon Counseling? 

Couples Marathon Counseling is  proven to be a fast and effective approach to heal past and current reasons of hurt, for couples to reconnect, and for couples to develop a deeply fulfilling relationship. Intensive couples counseling is a private couples retreat designed to move you through six months of couples counseling in a 2,3, or 4 day period.  Couples will meet with a therapist over a consecutive 2 to 4 day period, length is something that will be discussed in the initial phone interview. A typical day will be 4-6 hours of  intensive therapy each day.  

Who are couples retreats for and why choose this option of therapy? 

  •  Unable to commit to traditional weekly counseling.
  • Desire quick results. 
  •  Experiencing extreme distress or recent trauma. 
  • Couples that want to go from good to great. 
  • One step away from divorce and need crisis interventions.

What to expect out of your Intensive couples retreat..

  • Learn essential relationship skills.
  • Explore accountability for individual responsibilities in the relationship.
  • Clarify issues in the relationship and how to resolve them.
  • Learn the essentials of a  healthy relationships.
  • Learn and practice effective communication skills.
  • Forgive your partner and renew trust with your partner.
  • Learn how to manage conflict.
  • Increase intimacy and affection. 
  • Remember what made you initial fall in love with your partner and start to admire your partner again.
  • Bond again with your partner. 


Day 1: Meet for the initial oral interview, during the oral interview the therapist will gather information and discuss the presenting issues.  Each partner will have an individual session which are 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hour sessions. 

Day 2:  Develop treatment plan with the therapist based off what the therapist observed of day 1, along with the information that was provided in the oral interview and the individual sessions. Couples will be introduced to the Sound House and the Four horseman's prediction of divorce. 

Day 3: All about the skills!! Examples: Learn and practice communication skills. Discover each partners love language. Continue to process through the couples presenting issues and address each partners struggles and hurts. Learning to rebuild trust and becoming best friends again. 

Day 4: Wrap up and review session. 

*This schedule will be modified based of retreat length. 
**In home intensive couples retreats is also an offered service. A therapist will come to your home and provide counseling services within your home. 

Intensive Marathon Couples Counseling is a service that is not currently covered by insurance. There will be a $500 deposit required at the time of booking either your 2,3, or 4  day couples retreat. The services are render in a setting of your choice, either in a safe and comfortable office environment, or in your home. 





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