20 Strategies to overcome ANXIETY!!1

20 Strategies  to Overcome Anxiety



    It is important to understand that not every strategy will work for each individual, but its about trying different techniques and ideas till you figure out what works best for you.


  1. Ask your self “What is the worst that can happen? Can I deal with the worst case? What is the likely hood of the worst case happening?"
  2. Take deep breathes often.  
  3. Take a break from the anxiety producing event.
  4.  Try a mindful meditation, there are some good ones on youtube that are 5 minutes long. 
  5. Focus on the positive things in your life, write them down daily at the end of the night. It will help you sleep better and start your next mooring off righter by rereading the positives.
  6. Do a 5 minute yoga sequence to help break up the anxious thought. 
  7. Go for a run, get those happy chemicals moving in the brain. 
  8. Call or email a friend you haven’t talk to in a while. 
  9. Start each day with a goal in mind or written down. Accomplish the goal it will help with mental clutter. 
  10. count sheep, envision a stop sign, stop your brain from continuing on the thought that is producing the anxiety. 
  11. Give yourself permission to say no, it will be ok.
  12. Sometimes it is best to exposure yourself to the anxiety producing situation, most times you’ll come out on the other side saying “Oh that wasn’t so bad, why was I so worried about that ?”
  13. Laugh out loud. Nothing cures worry better then laughter, but its about allowing yourself to laugh and understanding you deserve it. 
  14. Have a go to list of 101 things that make you smile so in a time of need you have a resource of go to  distractions.
  15. Scream at the top of your lungs!! To no one just yell! it feels great!!
  16. I am sorry to say this, but yes caffeine causes anxiety so stay away from your morning coffee especially if you feel typically anxious in the morning. 
  17. I have talked about the importance of sleep in the past, set a bedtime and stick to it. 
  18. Make sure to being eating a balance diet, stay away from the sugar. You do not want your blood sugar to be on a roller coaster, your body at that point release cortisol, a stress related hormone. 
  19. Be mindful of the moment, looking to far into the future can start anxious thoughts. If a sentence starts with “What if” shut it down.
  20. Never think about about “shoulda, coulda, woulda"……its in the past you can not change it!