Wellness and Mental Health

What is wellness? 

We hear the word "wellness" thrown around loosely...... but what does it really mean to be "well". 


There has been much research conducted over the years supporting the importance of taking care of our whole - selves to improve our overall mental health. So what is included in a well self? 


1. PHYSICAL FITNESS - Exercise has been proven to be very helpful when conquering depression, anxiety, and stress in life. Exercise is not only beneficial for your physical health but it also helps improvement mental health and self esteem. Exercise is also known to help with improved memory, helps with sleep patterns and increases positivity in overall mood. Yes exercise helps with weight loss which in return helps with the way were feel about ourselves. Studies have shown that exercise can be just as effective as anti- depression medication at times. Exercise promotes the brain to release endorphins which is a chemical in the brain that is called the “feel good” chemical. Endorphins help promote a positive mood and helps you feel calm and relaxed. Exercise can help with stress and anxiety, by adding mindfulness to your exercise routine it allows to you to focus on your breathing and be in the moment verses focusing on worries or stressors. 



Your mental health can feel improvement with just 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise 5 days of the week. I challenge you to just try it. The best way to exercise is to try and get outside and connect with nature. 

2. NUTRITION-  What we put in our bodies is very important for our mental health. Nutrition can increase our energy levels and help fight fatigue. We feel low energy it impacts our ability to focus and maintain motivation. We were are not accomplishing goals it can change our views on happiness. Make sure to pay attention to what you are put in your body for fuel. 

3. RELAXATION: In today's world it is very easy to conform to the go go go mentality. However, balance is very important. What do you do for relaxation? Do you know what it means to relax? It is very common for people in today's world to not have a go to relaxation technique or even hobby. So it is very important to make time for your self slow down and understand what it means to relax. 


Carla Gehle